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1 Mukhi Rudraksha Yoga Mat for Meditation and Spirituality, Woolen Aasan Mat for Meditation | Camel Color Woolen Mat | Yoga Rug | Woolen Pooja Mat with FREE Yoga Mat Bag and Rudraksha mala for japa

Weight: 2.500000 Kgs

Beautiful Hand made woolen Camel Color Meditation Mat with Rudraksha Om and a pocket for storing your prayer mala and other precious articles. Woolen mat is a must for meditation. We are also providing a Yoga Mat Bag and 7.5 mm Rudraksha Japa and meditation mala for FREE.

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1 Mukhi Rudraksha Yoga Mat, Camel Color Woolen Meditation Asana, Pooja Mat , Yoga Mat, Yoga Rug with Free Yoga Mat Bag.

Beautiful Handcrafted in-house 6 Feet long Woolen Yoga Mat with an attached Pocket. It is a two layer wool yoga rug / mat Made from wool Blanket. The pocket can be used to store your Meditation mala or any other precious things that you need to carry for meditation. The mat has an Om Design made from Rudraksha beads for concentration. Looking at the Om while meditating will help to increase the concentration. It will also give a peaceful feeling. The Chandra or the Moon on top of the Om has a One Mukhi Rudraksha bead on top. This Yoga mat comes with a free Yoga mat Bag to preserve your yoga mat safely. The bag is made of 100% eco friendly cotton. It has two pockets in front for storing water bottles and other essential items.

One Mukhi provides achievement in meditation and spiritual fulfilment. This powerful bead brings material success without any attachment to them. Wearer’s concentration and memory power get increased with Ek Mukhi Rudraksha. 1 Mukhi Rudraksha will bring visible results if you are having Mahadasha or Antardasa of the planet Sun in your horoscope.

It is advised that each person should have his / her own asan. Woolen puja asans are ideal for comfortable seating during puja rituals, meditation and japa. Woolen Aasana / Mat is used for meditation & puja purpose. It is said that doing japa without sitting on an aasana attains no fruit. This Aasan / Mat is a must have while performing puja, hawan and during meditation. According to Hindu beliefs, if a puja or meditation is done without an ‘asan’ then the energy generated during the process gets absorbed by the ground. Aasan helps to stop this energy from being absorbed by the ground.

Our totally natural wool yoga mat is completely safe to you. When used as a liner on top of a sticky yoga mat (like natural rubber yoga mat), the organic wool yoga mat protects your skin from contact with rubber and also keeps the scents of natural rubber from you.

This unique earth-friendly woolen yoga mat is washable: machine wash in warm water (mild biodegradable detergent, gentle cycle). Hang to dry. Tumble dry on gentle cycle; remove promptly. Steam iron at wool setting. Best to wash separately from other garments.

Our woolen yoga rug works as a wonderful prayer mat as well as a meditation mat. Many customers also wrap their woolen yoga mat around them when the temperature turns chilly.

As it is made from 100% wool our woolen yoga mat is an eco mat, eco friendly yoga mat, natural fabric yoga mat, and non toxic yoga mat.

Yoga Mat Dimensions : 6.5 x 2.25 Feet
Yoga Bag Dimensions : 23.00" x 10.00" Inches
Pocket Dimensions : 8.00" x 8.00" Inches
Big Pocket Dimensions : 11.00" x 7.50" Inches
Rudraksha Om Dimensions : 8.00" x 7.00" Inches
Small Pocket Dimensions : 8.00" x 4.50" Inches
Yoga Mat Weight : 1500 Grams
Yoga Bag Weight : 250 Grams
Quality : Best
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