Choosing your Rudraksha Combination

Rudraksha have been worn since times immemorial due to properties of the specific beads of different mukhis. The best way to choose rudraksha is by reading the properties of the beads and selecting the ones that closely match with what you desire. One bead may be worn or multiple beads of the same mukhi may be worn or multiple beads of different mukhi may be combined together. Beads may be strung in silver/gold or simply in red/black/white thread and are strung either in same direction or face-face and tail-tail direction as specified in Srimaddevibhagawad. Beads may be attached to thread, silver/gold chain or small five mukhi beads or sphatik beads or tulsi beads or gems or a combinations of these. Rudraksha beads work by touch, sight (darshan), possession and worship. So you may choose to keep them in your altar or carry with you in pocket or wear them.

1. Choosing Rudraksha by Purpose

Power Pendants and Power Malas Section have been designed by combining the rudraksha of similar properties that solve a particular purpose and have been tested by feedbacks from the people to be very effective.

Power Combination Rudraksha
  Saraswati Pendant for Students   2 Nos. of 4 Mukhi + 1 No. of 6 MukhiBuy Now
  For Unity of family (Family Bliss Pendant)   2 Nos. of 2 Mukhi + 1 No. of Gauri ShankarBuy Now
  For every sort of Business   6 Mukhi + 8 Mukhi + 12 MukhiBuy Now
  For Iron, Chemical Process and Clothes Business   6 Mukhi + 8 Mukhi + 15 MukhiBuy Now
  For Females in Business   6 Mukhi + 8 Mukhi + 9 MukhiBuy Now
  For Attraction of Wealth and Prosperity   2 Nos. of 6 Mukhi + 13 MukhiBuy Now
  For Early Marriage   2 Mukhi + 5 Mukhi + 7 MukhiBuy Now
  For Politicians   8 Mukhi + 12 Mukhi + 16 MukhiBuy Now
  For Administrators   3 Mukhi + 4 Mukhi + 16 MukhiBuy Now
  For Advocates   4 Mukhi + 6 Mukhi + 8 MukhiBuy Now
  For Doctors and Surgeons   4 Mukhi + 9 Mukhi + 12 MukhiBuy Now
  For Meditation and Yoga Practices   1 Mukhi + 9 Mukhi + 11 MukhiBuy Now
  For Protection (Males)   2 Nos. of 3 Mukhi + 11 MukhiBuy Now
  For Protection (Females)   9 MukhiBuy Now
  Power Bracelet for Power, Protection and power of Speech   3 No. of 4 MukhiBuy Now
  For opening Intution power and 6th sense   2 Nos. of 3 Mukhi + 14 MukhiBuy Now
  For perfect Health (Health Power Pendant)   3 Nos. of 3 Mukhi + 2 Nos. of 5 Mukhi + 12 MukhiBuy Now
  For Marketing Persons (Marketing Power Pendant)   7 Mukhi + 8 Mukhi + 12 MukhiBuy Now
  For Power of 3 Deva (Siddha Kavach)   4 Mukhi + 5 Mukhi + 10 MukhiBuy Now
  For Kaal Sarp removal (Kaal Sarp Pendant)   2 Nos. of 8 Mukhi + 9 MukhiBuy Now
  For Saturn Sade Sati removal (Saturn Sade Sati Pendant)   2 Nos. of 7 Mukhi + 11 MukhiBuy Now
  For Nav Griha (9 Planets) Pacification   2 Mukhi to 9 Mukhi + 12 MukhiBuy Now
  Siddha Mala   1 Mukhi to 14 Mukhi + Gauri Shankar + Ganesh RudrakshaBuy Now

2. Choosing Rudraksha by Therapy

Therapy Rudraksha
  Heart, spine, diaphragm, thymus, blood, veins, eye sight   1 Mukhi, 12 MukhiBuy Now
  Stomach including gastric processes, breasts, lymphatic and non blood fluid systems, perspiration and saliva and sympathetic nervous system   2 MukhiBuy Now
  Hands, arms, lungs, sensory organs, thyroid glands, brain disorders   4 MukhiBuy Now
  Throat, neck, kidneys, sex organs, thyroid glands   6 Mukhi, 13 MukhiBuy Now
  Sex glands, adrenal glands, red blood cells, stomach disorders, blood pressure disorders   3 MukhiBuy Now
  Liver, gallbladder, posterior lobe of the pituitary related to growth and thighs, blood pressure disorders   5 MukhiBuy Now
  Spleen, skeletal system including cartilage, skin, lower leg from the knee to the ankle and anterior lobe of the pituitary gland   7 Mukhi, 14 MukhiBuy Now
  Skin problems, body pain   9 MukhiBuy Now
  Sleep disorders   8 MukhiBuy Now
  Nervous system disorders   11 MukhiBuy Now

3. Choosing Rudraksha by Zodiac Signs

Rashi/Zodiac Mala, Pendants, Wrist Bands and Bracelets are worn for general purpose and self empowerment as they contain rudraksha and gems according to ones ruling planet and auspicious planets.

There is NO wrong combination, and No side effect of any kind, so one needs to go ahead and select his own rudraksha. These facts can be verified by reading our ancients texts that state that all rudraksha may be worn by all irrespective of caste, sex and religion. No ancient scriptures mention astrology references with rudraksha. All rudraksha have properties of bringing tranquility of mind, fearlessness and self empowerment. They bring auspiciousness in all that you do and brings grace of the divine upon you. They are the ancient Vedic beads of Power.

4. Choosing Rudraksha by Astrological Recommendation

We design Rudraksha combinations for you, specific to your problems or specific purpose and your birth chart details. You may get an astrological analysis done by any astrologer and order the combination suggested. Rudraksha combinations are designed using birth chart details and your specific purpose. Rudraksha have no side effects of any kind, and any Rudraksha maybe worn by anyone for their special property.