Shiv Mahapurana ...

VIDYESHWAR SAMHITA -The Glory of Rudraksha (25th Chapter) Continued
Soot ji said: -

Brahmins in all Ashrams (there are 4 in all), all the castes, male and female and Shudras can wear Rudraksha as ordered by Shiva. It is also instructed by Shiva that a devotee has abandoned the world should wear a Rudraksha by saying 'OM'. (47)

Wearing a Rudraksha during the day destroys all evils done during the darkness of night. Wearing a Rudraksha during night destroys all evils of the morning, afternoon and evening. (48)

Tripundadhari (three horizontal lines made by the ashes in the forehead by the followers of Shiva), an ascetic, and a person wearing a Rudraksha never go to hell. (49)

A saint who wears one Rudraksha on the head together with a 'Tripunda' and japs the "Panchakshara Mantra" should be worshipped. (50)

A person who does not have Rudraksha in his organs, does not have a "Tripunda" on his forehead and does not recite the "Panchakshara Mantra" from his mouth should be taken to hell. (51)

A person with Bhasma (Tripund) and Rudraksha should never be taken to hell, as a compensation of his deeds. (52)

"Yamraj" (The God of Yamas) gave this order to his subordinates. Hearing this they went into a shocked silence. (53)

Therefore, Hey Mahadevi ! Rudraksha destroys all evils. Even if an evil person wears a Rudraksha he is purified. He becomes equal to Shiva and becomes dear to be. (54)

A person who wears a Rudraksha on hands, arms and forehead becomes inviolable and he roams on this earth as an epithet of Shiva. (55)

Saints and Demons worship him. For them he becomes an evil destroyer and equivalent to Shiva. (56)

Those who wear Rudraksha without meditation and knowledge are also freed from all evils and attain 'Moksha'. (57)

Praying with a Rudraksha Rosary gives multifold benefits. Wearing Rudraksha gives 10 times more benefit to the humans. (58)

Hey Devi !, as long as Rudraksha is on the body of any living person, till then he never dies prematurely. (59)

Prepared with a 'Tripunda' and shining with a Rudraksha (not only does a Rudraksha gives spirituality and fulfillment, it also increases the beauty of the body. Rudraksha is also an ornament). Whomsoever japs the "Mahamritunjaya Mantra" by his virtue we gets the fruits of the virtue of Shiva. (60)

Rudraksha is beloved by the 5 Gods (Shiva, Parvati, Ganesh, Sun and Vishnu). It is also dear to all the other Lords. Hey beloved ! All mantra japs are possible on a Rudraksha Rosary. This has been ordered for the devotees. (61)

There is no doubt that even the devotees of Vishnu should wear Rudraksha. For the devotees of Shiva Rudraksha is always wearable. (62)

Rudraksha are of different types. I will give a description of their different types. Hey Parvati ! Listen to the nature of the providers of wealth, passion and salvation. (63)

One faced Rudraksha is similar to Shiva and provides wealth and salvation. Its virtue destroys the evil of the murder of a Brahmin. (64)

Where this Rudraksha is worshipped, wealth never goes away. All kinds of turmoil are pacified and all desires are fulfilled. (65)

Two-faced Rudraksha is Lord Vishnu himself. It awards all desires and profits. This Rudraksha especially destroys evils incurred from the murder of a cow. (66)

Three-faced Rudraksha always awards all kinds of resources. Due to its effects all types of attainment are acquired. (67)

Four-faced Rudraksha is Lord Brahma himself. It destroys the ill effects obtained by killing a man. The virtue and touch of it awards all the four human pursuits, namely; virtue, wealth, sensual enjoyment and salvation immediately. (68)

Five-faced Rudraksha is Shiva himself. It is also known as the fire that is to destroy the world (Kalagni). It provides all kinds of wealth and passion together with fulfillment of all desires. (69)

The five- Faced Rudraksha saves from the sins incurred from eating and visiting placed which are restricted. (70)

Six-faced Rudraksha is the form of Kartikeya. On wearing a six-faced Rudraksha on the right arm, destroys all sins incurred from killing of a Brahmin. (71)

Hey Maheshani ! Seven-face Rudraksha is Kamdeva (the lord of God) himself. On wearing this rudraksha even a poor person becomes like God. (72)

Eight-faced Rudraksha is Shiva in the form of "Bhairava". On wearing it a person lives his entire life and after death attain the form of Shiva. (73)

Nine-faced Rudraksha is a form of "Bhairava" and "Kapilmuni". It is controlled by Devi Durga who herself is a form of nine Goddesses. (74)

Wearing a nine faced Rudraksha by those who are devoted, on the right hand, becomes supreme and equivalent to me. There is no doubt in this statement. (75)

Hey Maheshani ! Ten- faced Rudraksha is equivalent to "Lord Vishnu". One who wears this Rudraksha attains all his desires. (76)

A wearer of eleven-faced Rudraksha becomes equivalent to "Lord Shiva" in the form of 'Rudra' and becomes all round victorious. (77)

One who wears twelve-faced Rudraksha on the hair becomes equivalent to the 12 forms of 'Sun'. (78)

Thirteen-faced Rudraksha is equivalent to "Vishwadeva". On wearing this Rudraksha the wearer attains all kinds of desires, good luck and blessings. (79)

Fourteen- faced Rudraksha is equivalent to Supreme Shiva. On religiously wearing this Rudraksha on the head the wearer gets rid of all sins. (80)

Hey, the daughter of king of mountains ! I have described all these Rudraksha on the basis of the differences of their faces. Now listen with love the mantras of all these Rudraksha in their order. (81)

On wearing these Rudraksha with devotion and faith, after anointing them with the following mantras all desires and wealth are attained. (82)

  • Om Hreem Namah
  • Om Namah
  • Om Kleem Namah
  • Om Hreem Namah
  • Om Hreem Namah
  • Om Hreem Hum Namah
  • Om Hum Namah
  • Om Hreem Hum Namah
  • Om Hreem Namah Namah
  • Om Hreem Hum Namah
  • Om Krom Kshoum Rowm Namah
  • Om Hreem Namah
  • Om Namah

A person who wears a Rudraksha without anointing it with mantra, goes to hell for 1000 yugas or 4,320,000,000 years. (83)

On seeing a person wearing a Rudraksha Rosary all ghosts, spirits, demons, witches, 'Shakini' (female demon attendant of Durga and Shiva) and any other hostile elements and all effects of black magic are removed. (84- 85)

Hey Parvati ! On seeing a person wearing a Rudraksha Rosary the five Gods namely, Shiva, Vishnu, Durga, Ganesh and Sun, and all other Gods are pleased. (86)

Hey Maheshwari! On understanding the glory of Rudraksha it should be worn in an accurate manner by the use of mantras and with devotion for the cause of increasing devotion. (87)

In this manner Lord Shiva discussed the glory of Rudraksha and ashes (Bhasma) in front of Parvati, which provides accomplishment of all desires and salvation. (88)

One who wear Rudraksha and uses Bhasma becomes very dear to lord Shiva. There is no doubt that the effect of just wearing them fulfills all desires and provides salvation. (89)

Rudraksha and Bhasma users are called devotees of Shiva and those who chant "Panchakshar Manta" on Rudraksha live close to Lord Shiva and become complete. (90)

Worshipping without the use of Bhasma, Tripund Rudraksha Rosary does not provide the desired results by Lord Shiva. (91)

Hey Munivar ! Now I have replied to your queries. By the glory of Bhasma and Rudraksha all desires are attained. (92)

Those who listen to this glory of Rudraksha everyday and show their devotion and affection towards Rudraksha and Bhasma, they attain all desires. (93)

They are blessed with all kinds of comforts and luxury with sons and grandson in this Loka. They attain Moksha (salvation) in the company of Lord Shiva and become very dear to Lord Shiva. (94)

Hey Sages ! This "VIDHYESHWAR SAMHITA" is told by me to all of you by the order of Lord Shiva. It always provides all Siddhies and Salvation. (95)