The different parts of the Physical Body are governed by specific planetary principles. For example the knees, spleen and skeletal system are strongly influenced by the planet Saturn.

In Astrology they say that these parts of the body are " governed" by the Saturn principle.

To better know the principals behind Rudraksha Physical Therapy Recommendations here is how various organs are related to celestial bodies, along with their appropriate Rudraksha and Mantra that have the greatest influence on that part of the body.

Although different people will experience effects at different times a 40 day Discipline is a required minimum to properly feel the effects of Rudraksha Therapy.


Heart, spine, diaphragm, thymus, blood and veins

Sun Om Sri Suryaya Namah 1 & 12 Mukhi

Stomach including gastric, processes, breasts, lymphatic and non blood fluid systems, perspiration and saliva and sympathetic nervous system

Moon Om Shri Chandraya Namaha 2 Mukhi

Hands, arms, lungs, sensory organs, some thyroid gland influence

Mercury Om Sri Budhaya Namaha 4 Mukhi

Throat, neck, kidneys, secondary connection with sex organs and feet, some thyroid gland influence

Venus Om Shri Shukraya Namah 6 & 13 Mukhi

Sex glands, adrenal glands, red blood cells

Mars Om Shri Angarakaya Namah 3 Mukhi

Liver, gallbladder, posterior lobe of the pituitary related to growth and thighs

Jupiter Om Shri Gurave Namaha   5 Mukhi  

Spleen, skeletal system including cartilage, skin, lower leg from the knee to the ankle and anterior lobe of the pituitary gland related to body type

Saturn Om Sri Shanaishwaraya Swaha   (For persons aged 29 and older)

Om Shanaishcharaya Namaha   (For persons under age 29)
7 & 14 Mukhi