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Why Rudraksham Is Truly & Spiritually Yours?

We at Rudraksham have worked diligently for many years with our Guru and Yogis to unlock the hidden power of Rudraksha. There are many sellers of Rudraksha today but sadly they do not know the hidden and most powerful methods to unlock the true potential of Rudraksha. A simple Puja or blessing is not enough.

Our process Uses the hidden mantras passed only from guru to disciple. The entire energizing ritual lasts a minimum of 8 days and can take up to 108. During this time we are deep into the Sadhana with full focus and attention.

In a short time, you can see the difference between a properly energized bead and one that has had an elementary blessing or none at all. OUR Rudraksha are as described in Shastra with the POWER to change your life. See More

Gurudev Shri 108 Bal Yogi Shri Santosh Nath ji
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Individually crafted in Solid Sterling Silver.

This sacred prayer pendant is a unique spiritual item unobtainable elsewhere, designed to request and attract blessings...

Indra's Mala

Rare Rudraksha combination mala (1 to 14 Mukhi) with Rare Rudraksha - Yantra Locket.
Unlocked the true potential of Rudraksha for showering of blessings into your life.