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Rudraksha Mat for Meditation Woolen Aasana Mat

Weight: 0.800000 Kgs

The woolen Asana is a traditional sitting arrangement during the worship of the god. Woolen asana is used for meditation & puja purpose. It is said that doing japa without sitting on an asana attains no fruit.

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Rudraksha Mat for Meditation Woolen Aasana Mat

Rudraksha Woolen Prayer mat or Aasana. This Pooja- puja mat is made of wool and thread. This is hand woven aasana mat. The border is decorated with Tassels. There is neat rudraksha line around the border of the mat. This gives an Aura to the mat. Easy storage as it can be folded. You can feel the calmness while sitting on the pooja aasana.

Truly satisfying and rewarding Yoga connects your physical state with your mental and spiritual being. And it all begins with your Yoga mat, a humble abode where embark on the beautiful journey that is the practice of Yoga.

Hot or cool? Cool! Wool is commonly associated with warmth. However, it gives you the best of both worlds, providing comfort in both warm and cool conditions. Wool is a natural fiber that has countless microscopic breathable air pockets among individual fibers.

Dimensions : 21" x 26.5"

Quality : Good

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