Ekakshi Nariyal, One Eyed Coconut, Buy ENERGISED Original Ekakshi Nariyal

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Ekaakshi means one eyed. One-eye coconut is the most auspicious treasure of Tantra. It is one of the rarest and important items of tantra sadhana. For the overall growth in business, career, money, and life One Eye Coconut is very beneficial. You will achieve success in business and work.

Energised Ekakshi Nariyal / One Eyed Coconut

One Eyed Coconut for Prosperity and permanent stay of wealth.

Ekakshi means one eyed. This one eyed coconut gives prosperity and permanent stay of wealth. It should be energized ( abhimantrit ) with powerful mantra. The mantra which is to be chanted is effective only after the Nariyal / Coconut is properly energized. With each passing day the mantra will make the Nariyal more and more powerful. It should be placed at Puja place on Friday and chanting of Mantra should also be started from Friday. The worshipper should chant mantra daily. Ekakshi Nariyal will work till mantra chanting continues.

One Eyed Coconuts are considered as very auspicious and fortunate. They can be kept in temples, homes, or offices, to solve the financial problem and bring wealth. A businessman can have his desires and ambitions fulfilled if he keeps an Ekaakshi coconut in his cash box or treasury getting it tied in a red piece of cloth. It helps a man earn wealth and prosperity.

Mantra : Om Shreem Shriye Namah

Quality : Best

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