Kamandal Set / Pooja Brass Kamandal , Kamandalam, Kamandalu

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Kamandalu which is also known as Kamandal or Kamandalam is a traditional water pot used for carrying water by Hindu Naga sect sadhus, yogis and Buddhist monks. In Hindu mythology it is represented that gods and sanyasis carry Kamandalu in their hands that holds a greater spiritual significance.

Brass Kamandal / Kamandalam

Kamandal Details : This Kamandalu ( Sanskrit ) or Kamandal or Kamandalam set consists of the 2 sizes big & the small Kamandal made of Brass.

Kamandalu ( Sanskrit ) or Kamandal or Kamandalam is an oblong water pot made of a dry gourd ( pumpkin ) or coconut shell, metal, Brass, copper, wood of the Kamandalataru tree or from clay, usually with a handle and sometimes with a spout. Hindu ascetics or yogis often use it for storing drinking water. The water - filled kamandalu, which is invariably carried by ascetics, is stated to represent a simple and self-contained life.

As per the Vedantic philosophy, the universe is made up of matter, matter is made up of energy and energy is made up of vibrations. Water acts as a great medium that is capable of absorbing vibrations of all kind. When a yogi sits in meditation, his vibrations rise to a higher spiritual level and same is absorbed by the water in the Kamandal which gets charged with good positive vibes. This water can then be used for spiritual healing.

  • The river Ganges is also believed to flow through Brahma's Kamandalu.
  • Buddhists pour water from the Kamandalu onto the palms of people, before rituals, where the water symbolizes elixir of life.
  • The text Garuda Purana states donation of a kamandalu in the Shradha ( funery ritual ) ceremony ensures that deceased has ample drinking water in his afterlife journey.

Metal : Brass

Height with handle : 7.5'' & 6.5''

Upper circumference : 5'' & 3.75''

Quality : Good

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