Narmdeshwar Shivling with Wooden Jalhari Base Red - 6

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Narmadeshwar Shivling with Wooden Jalhari Base

Narmedeswar Shiv Lingas : The smooth, round pebbles stones found in Narmada river are called "Bana Lingas or Narmada Shiva Linga".Narmedeswar shiv lingas are considered to very auspicious as they are made naturally in the river bed. It is believed that where there is narmedswar shivling lord shiva resides there; narmedswar shivlinga is a must in every home.
Only narmedeshwars do not require any pranpratishta - means getting soul of god in the stone lingam by mantras and is fully capable of giving full blessings as equal to temple puja.

Daily Puja : This Shivling can be placed at the Alter. Shivling should face the North Direction. The snake should face the person performing Puja. Shivlingam should not be placed in such a way that anybody crosses it from the front. The Lingam is to be taken carefully in hands and Bathed. After wiping it with clean cloth Pure Herbal perfume is to be applied followed by saffron sandalwood paste. The Lingam can be than put on the Jalhari. The pure incense is to be offered along with some dry fruits and sugar candy.

Quality : Best

Dimensions of Wooden Jalhari Base (L*B*H) : 4.2 cm X 4.2 cm X 3.00 cm

Weight of Jalhari : 25 - 30 Grams (Approx)

Dimension Narmedeswar Shiv Linga : 6.00 cm X 3.50 cm (Approx)

Weight Narmedeswar Shiv Linga: 90 - 110 Grams

Note : The Shivling should be placed at the Puja place facing North.


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