Multi Rudraksha Wrist Band

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This Wrsit Band is made of Rudraksha Beads of 4 Mukhi, 5 Mukhi and 6 Mukhi beautifully designed in thread.


Multi Rudraksha Wrist Band

Wrist Band Details : This Wrsit Band is made of Rudraksha Beads of 4 Mukhi, 5 Mukhi and 6 Mukhi beautifully designed in thread.

4 Mukhi Rudraksha : Its ruling planet is Mercury. The power of Brahma exists in its whole effectiveness and Divinity. Being influenced by the creative wisdom of four headed Lord Brahma, it gives the wearer the creative power and provides him learning and knowledge. The dull minded students must wear it. And it is beneficial to scientists, researchers, intellectuals, artists, writers, and journalists. It increases wit and intelligence. One bead of four faced Rudraksha is fastened in the above wrist band.

5 Mukhi Rudraksha : Its ruling planet is Jupiter. It is the form of Rudra named Kaalagni. The wealth, in the form of learning that man gains in the world, should be apparent and permanent only then it is meaningful. Five faced Rudraksha is useful for this purpose, in the long run we lose power to maintain the learning that we have gained and at last it vanishes. We forget the acquired learning or cannot remember it clearly. We can recover our memory and recollect or remember the lost learning only after wearing the Five Faced Rudraksha.

6 Mukhi Rudraksha : Its ruling planet is Venus. Six Faced Rudraksha is the centre of the power of Lord Shiva's' second son, Kumar Kaartikeya. It gives learning, wisdom and knowledge. Moreover, it saves us from the worldly sorrows. if a dull minded student wears it daily, his or her mental power will increase amazingly. If Four Faced Rudraksha is worn with Six Faced Rudraksha, there is certainly of getting mental power increased. It is very good for company managers, businessmen, Journalists and Editors etc.

Quality : Best

Note 1: Wrist Band is available in Red, Black, Green, Blue and Yellow thread.

Note 2: These are Cotton threads and are likely to bleed. Do not wet them.

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