Invite Blessing into your Life with the aid of this miraculous Divine talisman

Individually crafted in Solid Sterling Silver.

This sacred prayer pendant is a unique spiritual item unobtainable elsewhere, designed to request and attract blessings to its owner, created by our Gurus; Hidden Yogis highly experienced in the ancient art of creating holy talismans.

Hindu Gods are highly positive Cosmic beings and they will not usually step into a person's life without first been invited to do so. The simplest and quickest way to invite blessings into your life is to wear or carry this unique prayer talisman. The holy Yantra and sacred hidden powerful Sanskrit mantra  inscribed on it. Rare vanaspati (herbs) which are taken on auspicious days are empowered with powerful mantra followed with hawan(Yajna or Homa) and feasts to poor assures blessings. The Locket talisman is a rare ancient combination of Yantra, Mantra, Vanaspati Tantra and rare objects from universe, On receipt of your Ancient Hindu Talisman ( called Janantar) you will immediately become aware that many areas of your life are starting to significantly improve and change for the better. You will also sense that a God  protective blanket of love and friendship has wrapped itself around your life.
It should be noted that our holy talismanic pendants are not simply silver lockets. Our holy Hindu talisman gains its powerful talismanic ability directly from the holy names of the Ancient Hindu Gods and the highly spiritual Hindu formulae of sacred celestial words(Mantra) embedded into the Yantra. It is a well known truth that mystics, spiritualists and yogis have long regarded that the simple act of coming into physical contact holy words or any truly holy item, will instantly start experiencing highly beneficial waves of good-fortune as a result, and will also see important aspects of their life change for the better. All our talismans are genuine holy items which have been created by our Gurus to act as a Holy Hindu spiritual suit of amour for the well being, good fortune and protection of their owners.
The miraculous holy Hindu talisman of holy Gods names and sacred words of creation was revealed to the Holy saints (our Gurus), with a promise from the Hindu Gods themselves that they would view its ownership as a personal invitation to befriend its owner and bless their life with celestial good fortune, friendship and divine protection. To fulfill their own spiritual destiny, the celestial beings we call Hindu Gods and Goddess need to give of themselves and aid humankind in every way necessary to reach their highest potential. The moment you receive your talisman of the ancient holy Hindu culture; you will have on your side several compassionate Hindu gods and goddess  whose sole aim is to secure your well-being and happiness and wrap a blanket of divine protection, love and good-fortune around your life.
To begin with, our Gurus crafted this miraculous Holy Hindu talisman for the benefit of our esoteric Circle and we were all astonished by the results. According to the testimonies of all those who have already tried it, this incredible prayer pendant has proved that its ownership can create fantastic results for its owners almost instantaneously. With a few weeks, every member of our group had reported positive changes to their lives. Most wonderful of all, everyone seemed to receive just what they needed most at that moment. Recently they have started to refer to the holy Hindu talisman as the Wish maker, due to the extremely positive and highly beneficial blessings it has helped create in their daily lives and in the lives of their loved ones, who now also wear or carry this holy hindu talisman.
Holy hidden Sanskrit mantra, our Gurus were told, are the Cosmic glue that keeps the universe in harmony. All creation manifests from a single point and is animated by the same divine holy word. Man, Nature and the Cosmos are therefore interdependent, their relationship governed by the same natural law and the same creative sacred word that in the beginning, brought about all creation. All life comes from the union of the divine holy word and the mind.
Main Contents of Ancient Hindu Talisman
1. Powerful Yantra inscribed with Rare Asthagandh on Bhojpatra on Auspicious Day.
2. White Chirmi ( Herb)( Abrus precatorius) taken on powerful auspicious day.
3. Red Sandalwood
4. White Sandalwood
5. Hanumat Sindoor
6. Bhairav Sindoor
7. Kaali Haldi (Herb)( Curcuma caesia, black turmeric or black zedoary)
8. Kapoor(camphor)
9. Nahar Kaanta (Shatawari Herb)( Asparagus racemosus)
10. Katti(solanum torvarum)
11. Gorochana (Cow Stone)

Talisman - 1
1. Vashikaran (power of attraction)
2. Wealth/ prosperity and money
3. Rise/expansion/increase in Business
4. Sarva dukh niavaran ( all types of grief /sorrow/pain/emotional)
5. Accidents protection
6. Husband and wife problems
7. Property disputes in family.
8. Sarva Rog Nivaran ( relief from all types disease) .
Talisman - 2
1. Concentration / focus
2. Black magic removal
3. Dakini /Shakini /Ghosts relief
4. Nav Grih problems ( planetary relief)
Talisman -3
1. Untimely death
2. Vashikaran / attraction
3. Laxmi / wealth
4. Court Cases
5. Planetary effects ( adverse position of planets)
6. Tension / depression

Note : There are many rare herbs and nature's treasure are provided inside this Talisman which we are not disclosing here due to our limitation and scope of this article.