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7 Chakra Gemstone Pyramid - 1

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Pyramids amplify and then tightly focus energy through the apex.

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7 Chakra Gemstone Pyramid - 1

Pyramid Details : Pyramids amplify and then tightly focus energy through the apex.

One of the most important functions of the 7 Chakra Gemstone Crystal Pyramid is to recycle dark, sick, negative orgone (life energy) into light, healthy, positive orgone. The configuration of the crystals allows this to happen.

This energy-regenerating quality can be used to refresh and heal the energy of a person, room, office or entire house. Just place your Pyramid in a room where you feel the energy needs to be improved. If you place one in your bedroom, miasma and stuck negative energies may be cleansed during the night. Pyramids also help protect etherically, as dark entities cannot stand to get near it. Put a Pyramid on your desk at work to repel your bosses or coworkers' negative energies from your aura.

Base Size : 27.00 mm to 30.00 mm (Approx)

Height Size : 25.00 to 30.00 mm (Approx)

Weight : 25.00 to 30.00 Grams (Approx)

Quality : Good


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