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Super Collector Rudraksha

This is the rarest collection of large Super Collector Rudraksha beads. The Super Collector Rudrskaha set contains Rudraksha from 1 Mukhi to 14 Mukhi. The rudraksha Beads have been specially energised during the Navratri Hawan at our ashram by our Guru.

We at Rudraksham have been working diligently for many years with our Guru and Yogis to unlock the hidden power of Rudraksha. We could know the hidden and most powerful methods to unlock the true potential of Rudraksha. A simple Puja or blessing is not enough. We have recently been blessed with a New Power for unlocking the true potential of Rudraksha with the blessing of Lord Shiva and Guru Maharaj. Our process uses the hidden methods passed only from Guru to disciple. In this process Rudraksha Yantra from 1 to 14 Mukhi are used for calling upon the respective deities for residing into the particular Rudraksha for ultimate results. During this time we are deep into the Sadhana with full focus and attention. Place your faith in the best and you shall see the Divine Blessings come to full fruit in your life.