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The Ganesh idol carved out of the root of Svetark is worshiped – to receive blessings of Shiva and Ganesha, to achieve knowledge and power, to get promotion in jobs and to increase business, to maintain harmony in married life, to get rid from the hardships of insufficiency, to activate positive energy in the house and to get victory over enemies.

Shwetark Ganesha Ganpati

Shwetark Ganesha is one of the purest and rarest sacred item. Shwetark Ganapati is made from the root of a shrub called white Aankada ( Ark ) in Sanskrit. Flowers of Aankada are favorite of Lord Shiva. The root is invited on an auspicious day and carved into Ganapati form in an auspicious Muhurta. Those who keep this idol of Ganesh in their homes enjoy the presence of Devi Lakshmi and Lord Shiva. As per ancient texts, Japa of Moola mantra ( Om Gum Ganapatayei Namah ) of Lord Ganesh before this idol ensures His Darshan.

Benefits of Shwetark Ganesha :

  • Shwetark Ganpati enhances concentration when kept in study room.
  • Eliminates illness and diseases.
  • For Prosperity and growth.
  • Get rid of hardship or insufficiency.
  • Activating positive energies in the house.
  • Protection against any enemy.

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