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Lord Shiva Pictures

17 Forms of Lord Shiva including Eleven Rudra (Free Download)



Bharg भर्ग


Bhav भव


Gangavataran गंगावतरण


Girish गिरीश


Har हर


Hariharatmak हरिहरात्मक


Kapali कपाली




Odhardani औढरदानी


Panchmukhi पंचमुखी


Pinaki पिनाकी


Sadashiv सदाशिव


Shambhu शम्भु


Sharv शर्व


         Shiv शिव

         Sthanu स्थाणु

Free Download ! Rare Collection of exclusive pictures of Lord Shiva. Pictures can be used for personal collection/Puja purpose. Pictures are restricted for any commercial use. All pictures are property of www.rudraksham.com
Full Collection of pictures with detailed description of all above forms of Lord Shiva is available in print form on Glazed paper. The book "Ekadash Rudra Shiva" by H. K. Jain is available in Hardbound.