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Name :  Manjeshwar Prakash , India
Thanks lot received the parcel in good condition and they are very beautiful liked it.

Name :  Steve ,
Hi Neerja, Thanks for acknowledging the importance I feel towards this order. Aside from my concern for my well being I have an overwhelming feeling that this is a highly important step towards my religious development which will help me further my communion with Lord Shiva. Steve

Name :  Ajanthaa ,
Namastae! Thankyou somuch for sending me the rudraksha, I am really appreciated. Everything was perfect and I got it on time. It was a marvelous helpful. BEST OF LUCK FOR YOUR GREAT BUSINESS!!! & GOD WILL BE WITH YOU FOREVER!!!

Name :  Vikram Vora - People Group ,
Dear H K Jain, I have been through your website http://www.rudraksham.com/ and let me begin by congrajulating you on the same. It is a nice and informative site and has been presented well.

Name :  Amy ,
Thanks so much to you all! What speed! I received the malas, with a gift of a japa mala too. Thank you very much for the gift. Wishing you abundance! Amy

Name :  Mary Tokumaru ,
Dear Neerja: This is to notify you that I have received my beautiful necklace and the free mala. Thank you for the kind gift.

Name :  Ryan Persad ,
I would like thank you all very much with the Astrohelp information and advice you provided for me.Your advice was very helpful and I thank you for your care and consideration regarding my enquiry. With best regards, Ryan Persad.

Name :  Neelam Vanmali ,
Dear Neerja ji, how are you. I love your website, I have learnt so much about rudraksh and I cant get enough. Neelam

Dear Neerja, Hi, Till date I have not visited such a good site with sucha prompt response.I have already sended u a three more querries .please help me out. i have reccomended some of my friends also.they will contact u. as soon aspossible.

Name :  Neelam Vanmali ,
Neerja Ji, I recieved all my rudraksh - I am very pleased and I am already wearing them. I know that abhishek and pooja were done becase I felt incredible energy from them even before i did the mantras, even the lucky charm-kavach has a powerfull energy. Thank you so much. This is truely anmol for me. Neelam


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