Scorpio - Vrishchik - Mars Pocket Yantra | Vrishchik Rashi Pocket Yantra | Scorpio Zodiac laminated Pocket Yantra on Bhoj Patra | Energised Pocket Yantra

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Yantra Details : Scorpio - Vrishchik - Mars Pocket Yantra written on Bhoj Patra and duly energized ( Praan Pratishtha ). The Yantra is laminated to avoid damage to the Bhoj Patra Sheet.

This Yantra on Bhoj patra is an auspicious yantra for Scorpio - Vrishchik Zodiac or Rashi people. It can also be used to be appease the planet Mars ( Mangal ). Mars symbolizes Agni ( Fire ) Tatva. Weak Mangal ( Mars) in Birth chart leads to problems related to Blood Pressure, Nervous System, Paralysis and Marriage.