Sun Locket Yantra Pendant on Bhoj Patra | Siddh Surya Yantra Locket In Silver | Energised Sun Planet Yantra Silver Locket

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Sun / Surya Planet Yantra in Silver locket to appease the planet Sun

Sun stands for power and authority. If Sun is in malefic situation in the horoscope of a person, Sun yantra is recommended to remove it's malefic effects. The Surya Yantra blesses the worshiper with respect, good health, fortune, fame, comforts and luxuries in the life. The Yantra engraved on Bhoj Patra is inside the locket to prevent the Bhoj Patra from damage. What is shown on the outer side is a printed version of the Jupiter Yantra. The locket pendant is made of silver and the front has an acrylic sheet.