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Maya, The Grand Illusion (English)

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What is an Illusion? When you see a wet surface on the road at a distance on a hot afternoon, you know that it is an illusion. When a magician cuts a girl in half during a magic show, you know that it is an illusion.

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Maya, The Grand Illusion (English)

Maya, The Grand Illusion is a book in English by the Author Shri Anil Jain

Description: What is an Illusion? When you see a wet surface on the road at a distance on a hot afternoon, you know that it is an illusion. When a magician cuts a girl in half during a magic show, you know that it is an illusion. The illusion is a perception different from reality. The perception could be of the senses such as vision, sound, taste, touch, smell or of the ideas of the mind. The concept of a unicorn, Santa Claus or an ideal human being are illusory ideas of the mind.

The nature of the world is illusory. Everything from a particle of sand to the biggest planet is an illusion. Every idea about our world and how it operates is an illusion too. Our ideas about purpose of life, existence of God, ideas of right and wrong and countless other things are all based on our ignorance about the nature of our universe.

This book explores on every little myth we have created about our existence and tries to allow the most intelligent species on the earth, the humans, to come out of their delusional state of mind. Only when we are made aware of the fact that we are asleep, can we try to wake up in the world of reality. In the same way, unless we have understood the illusory nature of the universe, we cannot think of breaking the conditioning of our minds.

Everything that we know about our world is illusory including the objects, living beings, our personalities, our separation, individuality, our social values and morality. Our ideas about knowledge, intelligence, time, space and duality are illusory too. It is time that we start looking at our world with a sincere attention and figure out the real nature of our existence as a sentient entity in this world of illusion, known as Maya.

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Trust In Rudraksham

Dear Mr and Mrs Jain, Our family thank You and the Rudraksham team for the good services, divine and powerful beads we received from you. These beads have tremendously help us and continue to do so. My brother is feeling better and great positive change is happening in his life. The beads have started working on the first day of wearing and the cleaning of negative energies were felt followed by calmness of mind. I'm no more suspicious, confuse, stress , angry or nervous but more confident , fearless and calm. I'm wearing it every day as I am a strict vegetarian whereas member of my family wear it on fasting days. Rudraksha have also cured tinnitus and speed the healing of my cervical injury. I've resume the study and the practice of the Yoga Sutras of Patañjali. Rudraksha is making me focus and grounded. I have a big faith in these divine beads and trust in Rudraksham. From our heart thank you for your kind patience and for helping humanity. Lord Shiva always bless you.

Family Bliss Pendant

Namaste Really adorable, all good and rapid , especially the family bliss pendant Gauri Shankar is Amazing until now the most lovable Rudraksha I have had!!!!(Yes I adore pray like and revere all them from one to thirteen mukhi etc,) but I really am in love with this Gauri Shankar IS SUPERB!! May Always Maa Bhavaani bless You Thank you Sincerely Paolo. Om nama Shivaya!

Paolo de Francisci
Product Is Jenuin

Hello, Many times ago I ordered Black Hakik mala. Product is very very jenuin. I used it daily for Japan mantra and also I wear it in my neck. Result is magical. So I made new order today here @Rudraksham about black horse shoe framed.

Nilesh chaudhari
2 Mukhi Yantra

Jai Shankar Harinesh, I am enjoying the items that were sent to me. I am, of course, still getting used to the power emanating from the 2 mukhi yantra. The first night it was here in my puja room, a very odd thing happened, and I sense its ascension powers in my meditation. Thank you so much for offering such a helpful service to mankind, by having your Sri Guruji bless these items with the power of Gorakasanatha Mahadeva. Jai Rama,

Rudraksha & Rudrani In Gold Mala

Dear Madams and Sirs, Good day to you. Received Rudraksha & Rudrani in gold mala and Rudrani mala on the 18th of April, 2015 afternoon with many many thank you!! Both of mala are so beautiful and now wearing Rudraksha & Rudrani in gold mala. I really feel so great! Thank you so much for your arrangement :)

Yoko kobayashi
Charan Pàdukà

Dear Neerja and Rudraksham Team, Thank you so much, The Charan Pàdukà arrived in perfect condition! The metal manufacture is wonderful : Art craft's details are Stunning, (in the both sides)!! The Sacred Symbology engraved : Surya-Omkaran-Shiva's Trident, are very very Precious. Now, the Pàdukà are in my Pooja, and I carry out to them "padnamaskar".... THANK YOU again! "Lokà Samastà Sukhino Bhavanthu OM Shanti Shanti Shantii"

Michele Finotto
Satisfied With The Beads And Its Quality

Namastae, At the outset i express my sincere gratitude to you and your team on sending in the requested 'Rudraksha' beads in time i am in receipt of the same, as I firmly believed the beads are consecrated with the rituals and I am really happy and extremely satisfied with the beads and its quality. I would in future recommend my friends of your products and stores for any requirements on ‘Rudraksha’ and its products.

Rajesh Kowdlay

Dear Harineshji, Thanks for delivering the item before time. I was afraid where to get rudraksha in original and 100% pure then I searched in the net and found your website.It was very much helpful to get the product along with related mantras from your website. This was my first ever shopping from and I am satisfied with your services till now, but I will write my review about the quality and durability of the product after using it for few months. Hope for the best and thanks again. Best Regards

Sudhir Kumar Samal
Ek Mukhi Rudraksha

Dear Neerja, Thank you for your prompt response. I received the 'Ek Mukhi Rudraksha' (my first order) a few minutes back. I like it very much - it's size, shape and color. It is truly a collector level rudraksha. Thanking you.

Supriya Kurlekar
Natural Rudraksha

I received the items dispatched by you. Thank you. There is a clear difference in the rudrakshas supplied by you and those sold by street vendors. Rudrakshas supplied by you are looking quite natural without any artificial colour. ( some rudrakshas i purchased earlier from street vendors had red colour, which got washed away in water). Even the natural stem from the rudraksha is still intact. removing the stem with needle exposed the natural hole in the rudraksha seed. Another positive point is that rudrakshas sold by you are already energized on auspicious day.

G. Chenna Keshavulu
Best Quality

Hi Sir, I received my 12-mukhi rudraksha. The bead is of top quality. And I really appreciate you for tying a black thread to the pendant and also for energizing it with ghee. So nice of you.

Harish Kumar
13 Mukhi

Namaste Ms Neerja, I just received the package a while ago. The 13 mukhi is so beautiful. It's brimming with divine energy by the looks of it. I would like to thank you again for choosing the right bead for me.

Jojo Makabali