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Ketu Zodiac Bracelet

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Ketu Zodiac Bracelet is made of Cats Eye Beads in strong thread with silver accessories.


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Ketu Zodiac Bracelet

Bracelet Details : Ketu Zodiac Bracelet is made of Cats Eye Beads in strong thread with silver accessories.

Cats Eye is used to remove the malefic effects of planet Ketu. This is milky in colour and is known to be a hot gem. Cat’s Eye is supposed to counter evil effects of Ketu and diseases caused by Mars.

  • It is said to protect an individual from hidden enemies, mysterious dangers as accidents and diseases.
  • Cat’s Eye gives wealth by secret means to its user namely in the form of stock and exchange market and speculations.
  • It's influence is over learning and emotions.
  • It's wearing removes physical weakness and Mental worries are removed.
  • One gets innovative ideas by wearing this gem, and learns to control anger and also turning one's energies positively.

Quality : Best

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7 Mukhi

Very fine beads and helpful for fruitful life. God bless you guys and others. Thanks !

arvind singh
Authentic Product Guaranteed 100%, Packaging is very unique

I really like the way Rudraksham satisfy their customer with genuine items and its packaging. I really appreciate the way they are providing rare itema with very ease and with assurance of original items. Rudraksha items are at really reasonable cost for the quality Rudraksham platform is delivering. Must recommended site for purchasing spiritual products.

quick delivery,high quality and very effective rudraksha

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vikas bharti
Beautiful products

great shopping site for rudraksha lovers. offers a huge collection keeping in mind the needs of all the customers. worth trying once for those who are 1st time visitors.

Great Product

Nice Product

Raj Kumar