Energizing Of Yantra

After purification of Yantra with Panchgavya, Panchamrit and Gangajal; the Yantra is energized / Pran-Pratishthit with respective Mantra. Without Energisation, Yantra is not useful. It has not been kept at home/work place without energisation. It gives otherwise negative rays which results in loss in place of any benefit.

Energizing or Sanitizing Yantra is most important process in Yantra remedy. Puja of the yantras are done by learned purohits, specialised in energising the yantras by the Mantras and Homas. The Puja is done in accordance with the rules and regulations mentioned in the Shastras. The Beej Mantra is recited on the yantra to get it energised.

Principle Of Yantra Guidelines for Puja