Divine Blessings

Why Rudraksham is Best and truly spiritually yours ?

Most Reliable and Genuine Rudraksha Beads: We at Rudraksham are pleased to announce that we receive Rudraksha from our own trees at Nepal. There is no supplier or mediator involved between Rudraksha and us. The result; you get genuine Rudraksha.

We pluck Rudraksha on auspicious time period only and when the Rudraksha beads are fully ripe on trees so these beads are more powerful as well as of High quality.

We have worked diligently for many years with our gurus and yogis to unlock the hidden power of Rudraksha and as a result, know the most powerful methods to open the true potential of Rudraksha. A simple Puja or blessing is not enough. Our process uses the hidden mantras passed only from guru to disciple. The entire energizing ritual lasts a minimum of 8 days and can take up to 108 days. During this time our Guru Maharaj remains deep into the Sadhana. His blessings and divine touch to the Rudraksha beads has benefited thousands so far.

In a short time, you can see the difference between a truly energized bead and one that has had an elementary blessing or none at all. OUR Rudraksha are as described in Shastra with the POWER to change your life.

There are many sellers of Rudraksha today but sadly they do not know the hidden and most powerful methods to unlock the true potential of Rudraksha. Do not be fooled by the rest. Place your faith in the best and you shall see the Divine Blessings come to full fruit in your life.


Rudraksham is most reasonable !!! Why?

  • We are not charging any credit card processing fee from our customers.
  • There are no packaging and handling charges.
  • We are charging the actual courier charges from our customers.

Hence you are getting the best deal of your life time, as the Rudraksha which you receive will give you life time benefits. You can even pass these beads to your next generations to come.

Gurudev Shri 108 Bal Yogi Shri Santosh Nath ji performing Hawan