(23.06mm) 11 Mukhi Ganesh Rudraksha Bead from Nepal, Buy Original Energised and pure Eleven Mukhi Rudraksham - 1

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11 Mukhi Rudraksha Bead is the symbol of Indra, the king of Gods. Eleven Mukhi bead gives the wearer permanent happiness. It means that pleasure and happiness come to the man who worships Indra and makes him happy. 11 Mukhi Rudraksha relieves the wearer from the fear of sudden death. It also helps in practicing meditation and religious rituals and removes the problems of yogic practices.11 Mukhi Rudraksha has no particular ruling planet. It induces courage and confidence in the wearer to lead an adventurous life. The Rudraksha bead can be worn in gold or silver and string in red thread. The 11 Mukhi Ganesha rudraksha becomes more powerful as it combines the blessings of Lord Shri Ganesha.

11 Mukhi Ganesh Rudraksha Bead Authentic and Natural from Nepal ( Size : 23.06 mm )

There is a kind of Rudraksha which bears Trunk like elevation as is seen on the face of Lord Ganesha, the son of Lord Shiva. It is called Ganesh Rudraksha. Ganesha Rudraksha Bead provides the wearer perfection in every sphere in life and the grace of Lord Ganesha is received by him. The Ganesh Rudraksha Bead is really special due to the way it grows the thorny protrusions on the outer surface of the Bead.

Mantra for the Ganesh Rudraksha bead can be any of the beautiful Lord Ganesh Rudraksha Mantras found in the book Healing Mantras by Thomas Ashley–Farrand like "Om Gam Ganpatayay Namoh Namah", "Om Ganeshaya Namah".

The Ganesh Rudraksha Bead can be kept at the place of worship and should be daily worshipped to gain the blessings of "Riddhi-Siddhi Dayak" Sri Lord Ganesha.

A man who wears a garland including beads of Rudraksha from one to fourteen faces and the rest five faced Rudraksha which count hundred eight beads in all, is God incarnate himself. According to Puranas if a man wears Rudraksha in definite number at special points on the body, he becomes like Lord Shiva himself.

Note : Above details are taken from ancient handwritten text and Guru Mukha. The description is seen in the deep meditation of Lord Shiva by Lord Datta Treya. The mantra are hidden so not mentioned here.

Rules for the Rudraksha : The Wearer of the Rudraksha should chant related Rudraksha Mantra along with Rudraksha Utpatti Mantra ( Mantra for the Rudraksha Origin ) daily at least 9 times while wearing and removing in the night before going to sleep. More Rules...

Rudraksha Origin : Nepal

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