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The scope of Rudraksham Free Astro help section is limited up to the extent of recommendation of Rudraksha and gemstones. It doesn't cover any future predictions. For in-depth predictions please use our paid services. More »

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6 Mukhi Rudraksha  
MRP : Rs 60 /-  
Product Code : 6
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6 Mukhi Rudraksha Pendant  
MRP : Rs 360 /-  
Product Code : 41
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Rudraksha Japa Mala 10mm  
MRP : Rs 125 /-  
Product Code : 57
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4 Mukhi Wrist Band  
MRP : Rs 150 /-  
Product Code : 80
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Vamavarti Shankha Medium  
MRP : Rs 1000 /-  
Product Code : 328
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Dhoop Incense  
MRP : Rs 351 /-  
Product Code : 340
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Speech Power - Kavach Charm  
MRP : Rs 450 /-  
Product Code : 587
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4 Mukhi Power Mala Bracelet  
MRP : Rs 800 /-  
Product Code : 673
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5 Mukhi Mala Bracelet  
MRP : Rs 700 /-  
Product Code : 674
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Deepak with Stand  
MRP : Rs 250 /-  
Product Code : 700
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MRP : Rs 275 /-  
Product Code : 762
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Japa Mala Bags - 1  
MRP : Rs 400 /-  
Product Code : 785
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Rudraksha Earring  
MRP : Rs 400 /-  
Product Code : 790
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Black Agate - Hakik Wrist Mala  
MRP : Rs 500 /-  
Product Code : 1051
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Vashikaran Yantra for Pocket  
MRP : Rs 200 /-  
Product Code : 1065
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Intimate Perfume  
MRP : Rs 550 /-  
Product Code : 1068
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Special Attraction
Main Image
1 Mukhi Collector Gold Pendant with attractive twin Snakes!
The One Mukhi Rudraksha is the symbol of UKAR i.e. which is formless, depthless, shadow less, Godhood, Supreme Truth and Attainment of Eternity who has created this entire world. The one Mukhi Rudraksha belongs to Shiv UKAR and keeps the balance of the entire universe. ...
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Moli Band / Raksha Sutra (wholesale pack of 10 Nos.) in Rs 375 Only
Raksha Sutra with seven natural colours in natural cotton threadalong with seven Rudraksha beads of 9 mm. Before every Puja or Yagna, the priest ties a sacred thread on the hand of the person who is getting the Puja done. This thread called, Moli, is tied and the person is asked to take a Sankalp which is like a vow, a purpose for which a particular Puja or Yagna is being done. It is tied on hand after the sankalp mantra-indicating a devotee's resolution to worship / do puja etc. Hence the moli is a gross reminder and symbol of this conviction. As the string is tied around the hand, you pray that your life will similarly revolve around God. Once tied, one is not supposed to untie this thread for a particular period depending upon the type of ritual. ...

"Dear Neerja: I got the package, everything beautiful and special as usual, I can feel the energy as soon a I hold the box Thank you! "

With Love
Amaloa Bonvecchio , USA
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