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9 Mukhi Rudraksha  
MRP : Rs 3000 /-  
Product Code : 9
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Lotus Seed Japa Mala  
MRP : Rs 125 /-  
Product Code : 62
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Rudraksha Mala (7.5 mm)  
MRP : Rs 450 /-  
Product Code : 71
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Sagittarius Sun Sign Pendant  
MRP : Rs 800 /-  
Product Code : 117
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Tulsi Mala 5 mm  
MRP : Rs 180 /-  
Product Code : 150
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Rahu Yantra - Framed  
MRP : Rs 600 /-  
Product Code : 205
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Vashikaran Power Pendant  
MRP : Rs 9520 /-  
Product Code : 244
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Power Bracelet  
MRP : Rs 2050 /-  
Product Code : 292
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Rudraksha Navratna Bracelet  
MRP : Rs 1500 /-  
Product Code : 363
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1 Mukhi Collector Gold Pendant with attractive twin Snakes!
The One Mukhi Rudraksha is the symbol of UKAR i.e. which is formless, depthless, shadow less, Godhood, Supreme Truth and Attainment of Eternity who has created this entire world. The one Mukhi Rudraksha belongs to Shiv UKAR and keeps the balance of the entire universe. ...
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Black Tulsi Mala (wholesale pack of 10 Nos.) in Rs 3400 Only
Black Tulsi Mala Made from the stems and roots of Tulsi, or "Holy Basil," which is considered a sacred plant within Hindu culture, this Black Tulsi mala is a beautiful aid for spiritual growth and protection. Tulsi wood, which is in the family of basil, is the most sacred of all wood in the Hindu tradition. It is worshiped in Indian temples as a living goddess. ...

"I love the products on Rudraksham website. A few months ago I bought two malas (5 mukhi Rudraksha and an amethyst mala) and some bael. Everything arrived to me in South Africa in pristine condition an ....."

With Love
Jade Robalo , South Africa
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