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The scope of Rudraksham Free Astro help section is limited up to the extent of recommendation of Rudraksha and gemstones. It doesn't cover any future predictions. For in-depth predictions please use our paid services. More »

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Saturn - Shani Yantra  
MRP : Rs 500 /-  
Product Code : 204
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Saturn Zodiac Bracelet  
MRP : Rs 2500 /-  
Product Code : 259
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Sphatik Shivling Large  
MRP : Rs 5000 /-  
Product Code : 344
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Blackmagic Raksha Kavach  
MRP : Rs 650 /-  
Product Code : 601
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Lapis Lazuli Mala for Saturn  
MRP : Rs 2000 /-  
Product Code : 845
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Kauri - Cowry Shell  
MRP : Rs 99 /-  
Product Code : 959
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Skull Ring 6  
MRP : Rs 2400 /-  
Product Code : 965
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10 Mukhi Rudraksha 1  
MRP : Rs 3000 /-  
Product Code : 967
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Amethyst Pyramid Bracelet  
MRP : Rs 1500 /-  
Product Code : 969
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Amethyst Crystal Ball Sphere  
MRP : Rs 225 /-  
Product Code : 970
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Rose Quartz Crystal Ball Sphere  
MRP : Rs 200 /-  
Product Code : 971
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Rose Quartz Pyramid  
MRP : Rs 300 /-  
Product Code : 972
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Amethyst Pyramid  
MRP : Rs 300 /-  
Product Code : 973
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Flat Crystal Point Pendant  
MRP : Rs 400 /-  
Product Code : 975
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Sphatik Star Pendant  
MRP : Rs 400 /-  
Product Code : 976
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Japa Mala Set  
MRP : Rs 6950 /-  
Product Code : 977
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Special Attraction
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1 Mukhi Collector Gold Pendant with attractive twin Snakes!
The One Mukhi Rudraksha is the symbol of UKAR i.e. which is formless, depthless, shadow less, Godhood, Supreme Truth and Attainment of Eternity who has created this entire world. The one Mukhi Rudraksha belongs to Shiv UKAR and keeps the balance of the entire universe. ...
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Wholesale Mala Packs now available for 9mm, 10 mala (Rs 1400)
Wholesale Mala Pack Details : This is a pack of 10 mala. Each Mala is made of small sized 5 Mukhi Rudraksha beads of size 9 mm in thread knotted in traditional style with tassel. 5 Mukhi Rudraksha : Five Mukhi Rudraksha are said to be very effective for controlling high blood pressure and the fear of untimely death disappears. A Rudraksha with five faces represents Lord Shiva/ Rudra himself. Its name is Kalagni. It is said that it bestows all sorts of salvation & achievement of desired objects. The five faced (Mukhi) Rudraksha beads in this mala represents Lord Shiva, the symbol of auspiciousness, and brings the wearer inner peace, knowledge, power and enlightenment. ...

"Dear Neerja: This is just to say thank you so much for everything, I am very happy with the good service you and everyone in your company provides to us, special thanks to Mr. Harinesh Jain for his gr ....."

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